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Gayane Bareghamyan, Violinist, The Philosophy Behind

The benefits of music education are widely known and it is not a secret that playing an instrument develops self-organization and flexibility of the mind. To make music is indeed a delicate matter and every respectable teacher must take teaching seriously in order to achieve good results.

My teaching methodology is both structured and individualized since every student needs a different approach. Of course hard work on the student’s part is necessary but work without proper guidance will not give the desired results and might even make the student to loose interest in playing altogether. To avoid this, I craft an individualized method to place the groundwork for the complete and all-encompassing development as a musician. This is of profound importance as otherwise the efforts of the student will not be realized. For the advanced student who have overcome the technical aspects of playing on the violin, I focus on the musical nuances and style of performance.

Naturalness has a very important role in my teaching method but that also is combined with the main principles which has been developed by many generations of great musicians. Every music lesson must be very productive and interesting to the student and that is how I teach.


Learning to play the violin requires concentration of the thought and coordination of both hands. You can see that learning to play the violin is not an easy task and it resembles much more to an elaborate building project in our mind and skills. This is why, really the only way to learn to play the violin, requires an experienced and professional teacher who will guide the student through the process.

Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examination preparation

RCM examinations are an important means to both assess and establish your level of achievement. I regularly train and prepare my students for RCM examinations successfully.

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

RCM Guide for Parents

Guide to RCM Examinations

Master Classes and Audition Preparations

As a professional musician it is quite an enjoyable challenge for me to provide master classes and audition preparation for musicians who like to elevate that extra notch needed for a successful audition or an upcoming performance. Over the years I have helped quite a few students play at competitions and auditions for orchestras.


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